Top Ten Things About Remodeling a Bathroom

  1. Take to time to develop a well designed layout.
  2. Don’t underestimate the value of the lighting trinity: overhead, ambient, and task.
  3. Radiant heat in floor in never a bad move.
  4. What’s in your faucet? Plastic or metal. Spend the money for good quality fixtures.
  5. This is your room to relax, reflect and pamper yourself. Select a soothing color palette.
  6. You will need a place for towels, comestibles and all those hair products. Plan for your storage needs.
  7. Razors, nail polish, moisture; counters tend to take a lot of abuse. Invest in durable countertops.
  8. A nod to Universal Design and your older self. Create an open floor plan that will grow with you.
  9. Did we mention Universal Design? The bathroom is the first room that needs to be remodeled after an accident or illness. Save time and money by planning ahead now.
  10. Hire a professional, certified contractor. You won’t be disappointed.