February 4, 2018

Thank you again for outstanding oversight in finishing our basement.

You and Jesse are truly the best communicators in the industry. You are both perfectionists and were the perfect duo to oversee the addition of the full bathroom, entertainment room and future bar in our previously unfinished basement. You helped turn our dream of having a second full bathroom in our house into the reality of a beautiful space we will enjoy for years to come.

Without a doubt we always recommend you with highest satisfaction, and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

May 22, 2015

Hello, Larry - I hope this gets to you via this EMAIL address as I know nothing about Facebook
or writing a "Google Review". I sent the survey with this same message just in case you don't
deal with EMAIL much.

I was extremely pleased with both my construction experiences with you and your firm - my
bathroom upgrade (2 of them) and my more recent window installation.

The bathroom upgrade took more time than the window installation, and I was so pleased with
the way everything looked after the upgrade. It was just what I wanted. And after a few years,
it's still what I wanted and I still love the way my bathrooms look.

Your staff - and the outside installers - were extremely professional - they cleaned up well
and kept me informed of who was coming and how things were going. It was a pleasure to
have them in my house - at one point there were 7 men in the small bathroom, but there was
very little commotion (if any at alQ when there were there. AND, they were working with snow
and winter weather much of the time during the installation.

The window installation was very fast- everyone was very efficient and didn't waste any time.
I was pleased that Pella "won the bid" as I know their reputation for excellence. Even though
I bought their lowest of their 3 levels, they are still beautiful windows. No criticism of Marvin
windows, but I was not as familiar with them as I am with Pella.

And, again, it was just what I wanted. I had hoped to replace the existing windows with new
awning windows, and that's what I got. Only it's an updated and upgraded version. They
work well and I'm enjoying them. The only downside is that it's been much too hot to open
them much. I enjoy days when I'm home and all the windows are open and a nice air is
coming in. Not much of that this summer.

And, yes, if I need anything else, I'll certainly call you and use your company again. You
have an excellent reputation - that's important. Congratulations to you and your company.

May 22, 2015

Dear Larry,

It has now been just about a year since we moved into the beautiful new house you built for us. As you
know, our goal was evoke the feeling of my parent's home once we determined we would not be able to
remodel the original house.

Chris Deitzen's great site specific universal design and the knowledge and experience both of you have
of the confusing city codes and regulations resulted in a comfortable, up to date home that blends in
seamlessly with the existing houses in the neighborhood.

The beautiful interior work Jesse and Nate and many others did evokes the feeling that this is a 1930's
house, particularly the dark trim and baseboards. The custom fireplace mantel Jesse made for us is a
showstopper! You can be proud to have these fine young men working for your company - they were
always polite and patient no matter how trivial or major the matter I was asking about.

Building a new home, particularly to replace a beloved old one, is a complicated, emotional, confusing
process, and I am so grateful for your guidance and glad that I asked TZ to be my contractor.

Happy Homeowner

May 22, 2015

Dear Larry,

I would like to say the dust has all settled but the fact is I still have some clean up to do. However, I wanted to write and express my appreciation for the wonderful job you did with my recent remodel. A project like this is never easy but I appreciate all that you did to make it as smooth as possible. After having been through it I have decided I would rather be my own lawyer than general contractor. I am grateful for all your efforts and sensitivity to make this as easy as possible on the household. I also very much appreciate how you truly listened to my goals and desires and made sure the subs followed the plan. Your professional approach made this as easy as such a project can possibly be.

The end result speaks for itself! The transformation is truly dramatic and yet blends so seamlessly that it looks like it has always been there. I am delighted with my new spaces and exterior. I certainly hope you will point this project out to anyone that would like to see an example of what can be done with an older home. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference either. I would be very glad to talk to anyone that is considering such a project and very glad to tell them why they should use TZ of Madison to see them through it.

Again, thank you and all the guys that contributed so much talent resulting in such great work. The entire neighborhood is two thumbs up!

With large appreciation,


May 22, 2015

Dear Larry,

We’ve come to the end of our first project together and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the first-rate work TZ of Madison has done on our home addition.

First and foremost, from the beginning of our planning sessions and throughout the building process you’ve been very accessible, highly responsive and consistently kept me in the loop about all aspects of the project. I’ve worked with several area contractors who have done fine construction work, but what I wanted more of was information and follow through. Without a doubt your professional approach to client communications sets you apart.

Similarly, your practical system of project planning, budgeting and documentation kept me appraised of where the cost of the project was headed. You wisely budgeted for contingencies, looked for efficiencies where possible and updated me on actual expenses so I could make informed decisions. Your commonsense “we can do anything you want, but here is the bottom-line” kept me in check more than once!

The end result is that we now have a fabulous, functional addition to our home that lets our family continue to enjoy the neighborhood we love while providing the updated conveniences of high-quality, modern construction. You did so with an eye toward maximizing our resources while minimizing the mess and bother. I very much value the skill and courtesy of your staff and subcontractors. And it says a lot about you and your business that the companies you work with – large and small – are extremely complimentary and pleased to be aligned with you.

Again, my thanks,


May 22, 2015

Dear Larry,

Bob and I want to thank you for the wonderful job on our house. The sunroom adds a very comfortable living space to our house. And the bathroom and closet are absolute bonuses! Moreover, we truly appreciate how you integrated the new space with the existing house.

We also want to compliment your staff and all your subcontractors. Everyone was conscientious and professional about the jobs they were performing and cognizant of the fact that we were also trying to live in the house as it was being worked on. We particularly want to note your carpenters; they did a great job, plus they were always courteous and friendly.

Finally, we want to mention your attention to and skill with communication. We appreciated that you documented everything related to the project and then called us frequently throughout the job to let us know of your progress. We always knew the next steps and there never were any surprises.

As you learn the details of the NARI Remodeling Tour next summer, let us know. We are still interested in participating. As you are working with other potential clients, please feel free to use our names in your reference list, if it would be helpful to you.


Bob & Lorie

May 22, 2015

Hi Larry,

Butch and I want to thank you for our beautiful new kitchen.  You did a wonderful job keeping everyone on schedule, calling or stopping in daily to check on the progress, and solving some of the problems that inevitably show up when remodeling an older home.  We always felt that the project was in good hands!

We also want to say that we really enjoyed having Jesse and Nate work in our house.  They were always on time, friendly, and professional.  They asked a lot of questions during the remodel to make sure that they were doing what we wanted.  We could tell that they took pride in their work and they did a great job!

We've had quite a few friends over to see the new kitchen and it is getting rave reviews. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the kitchen so beautiful.  We love it!!

May 22, 2015

Dear Larry,

We want to thank you for the excellent job you did in remodeling our kitchen. Not only was the quality of the work you and your crew did exceptional, but everyone did their utmost to make the period of construction easy for us. The crew and your subcontractors were very pleasant to have in the house which is, of course, important for everyone concerned.

I particularly want to compliment you on the scheduling of the work. Jobs were done on schedule and we were kept informed through the whole process. I was most impressed with the way you responded to the emergency caused by the water leakage - which was clearly no fault of yours. Rectifying the problem was done with dispatch and skill. We also were impressed with your concern that things be done "right."

We would most certainly call on you for any more remodeling we might do and would be most happy to serve as a reference for you to potential customers.

May 22, 2015


I know this is a little late, but it is no less sincere.

I want to thank you for making the recent remodeling of my bathroom a very enjoyable experience. Based on horror stories I had heard from others who had used a different contractor, I was braced for the worst, which never happened. You were very professional, from the initial estimate through the completion of the project.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with you, as well as with all of your subcontractors. I think you select your subcontractors based not only on their expertise and high quality work, but also on their pleasant personality. You and they were always considerate; it was more like having friends in my house than contractors! You all did a better job of cleaning up after yourselves than I do!

And last but certainly not least, the quality of the workmanship is superb. I could not be happier with the entire process and the finished product. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone I know. Thank you!

May 21, 2015

We are very happy with our new kitchen and bath by TZ of Madison.  Larry and his team of contractors and carpenters are not only talented, but were a pleasure to work with.  Larry did a great job communicating, not only with us but with his sub-contractors, and he personally made sure the job was done according to the plan and the schedule.  Larry’s experience and integrity really showed as we progressed through the project, and gave us a lot of peace of mind.  We would unreservedly recommend TZ to others considering a remodel.

May 21, 2015

Dear Larry,

Wow!! That’s what we hear when friends, relatives and neighbors see the wonderful addition you added to our home. Its what we say about how spectacularly this has worked out for us.

We are very pleased with the quality of workmanship, the great team you have working with you and the excellent subcontractors you called in on this job.

All the people we have come into contact with during this project have had nothing but high praise for what great ability and knowledge you bring to all the projects you undertake.

May 21, 2015


Just wanted to follow up on our recent bathroom remodeling by expressing our appreciation of the team who worked on it. They were all highly professional, respectful and diligent in their tasks. Certainly the disruption of such a major remodeling can be disconcerting but they made it easier by being helpful in their suggestions, respectful of our needs and wishes and timely follow through.

They were a good group of guys to work with. Thanks for all your efforts in assembling this team.